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The manifesting power of the full moon

The manifesting power of the full moon

Last full moon I was invited to attend a Magic Moon Ritual, hosted by one of my favorite teachers Erica Jago and her friend, and also teacher, Christine Beijnen. Both Erica and Christine are moved by a beautiful mission of inspiring others to manifest the life of their dreams. Through different rituals they help others to work through non-serving patterns and gain a mindset that is beneficial for themselves, and for what they want to create in life. Erica and Christine truly believe in magic. Magic in a sense that it’s available for everyone and that there is enough of this magic for everyone .

So of course I went! On arrival I was touched by the beauty of the cozy beach cottage where the event took place. Candles, pillows, incense, moon-milk and relaxing music warmed my heart instantly. The full moon shining bright on a clear sky, all these beautiful women in their beautiful dresses allowing their vulnerability, strength and love to flow to and through themselves. To and through each other. To and through life. Yes, they really created a magical moon night for – and with – us.

Full Moon RItuals


After the event I was left curious about the philosophy behind all the rituals we did, so I asked. Erica and Christine were more than happy to share their wisdom and personal experiences by answering my questions about the power of the moon, ancient spells, intuitive dancing and quantum physics.


This is why we use rituals to attract more joy, peace of mind and freedom in our life…


1. The power of the moon energy

Why is aligning with the moon energy around the time of full moon so powerful?

Christine: Well, manifesting is all about changing our thoughts and emotions, by doing this you literally change the energy you’re radiating. When our thoughts and emotions become one, when they are aligned, there is no gap between intention and what we really feel about the subject.

Now get this: researchers at The Heart Math Institute found that the brain has its electric and magnetic field, but they are relatively weak compared with the heart’s that is about 100 times stronger electrically and 5000 times stronger magnetically! Ánd the energy of the moon amplifies our emotions. So all we need to do is to direct our thoughts towards what we want and activate elevated emotions from our heart. That’s how we can harness the energy of the moon to manifest our dreams.

Erica: … and by understanding the five basic phases of the moon (new, crescent, quarter, gibbous and full) and how to use that gravitational pull to attract money, your soul mate or assist you to release fear.


2. Ancient spells to create magic in your life

During the magic moon ritual we did a spell on prosperity with a golden key. How exactly do these kinds of ancient spells work on a spiritual level within and around us?

Erica: Your minds speaks in symbols and signs. When you cast a formation and sit within that formation of protected white light, the oldest part of your brain, which is referred to as the “reptilian brain” becomes alert. Why? Because animals are territorial. When you cast a formation it is like marking you territory. The very center of your brain registers that and becomes hyper alert and receptive to messages. Within that circle, you conduct a ritual using a golden key to symbolize something opening, you place your wallets in the center of the circle as a sign of money and you speak out loud your intention to the Cosmos that ends with AND SO IT IS. How fun is that!

Christine: …and there’s a second reason. By using rituals and symbols, like a golden key, our brain learns by repetition and by association. So what we’re doing is that we’re rewiring the brain (making new neurological connections) for prosperity. We’re basically imprinting this in our subconscious. And what we believe, think and feel, is exactly what we attract and manifest. That’s why rituals and using symbols are so powerful.


Full Moon RItuals


3. The healing aspect of unscripted dance

During the evening we danced through different types of music and through different parts of our physical body, all on intuition. Can you tell some more about the healing aspect of dancing?

Erica: Dance is healing because it is unscripted. As you move you see the fluid structure of your DNA, everything in motion. Our physical lives are spoken in the language of constant change, rhythms, vibrations, frequencies. The challenge is to become aware of these rhythms, truly experience them, and enter into them in order for our spirit to be carried away into something more elevated and healing.

Christine: I think dancing is something sacred, an expression of the soul if you are able to let go of all of your beliefs (‘what would others think of me’,’I’m such a stiff dancer’). However, this is a therapeutic dance because you move through different emotions like anger, fear and you’re embodying your rise, living your vision and feeling empowered. As you release these emotions through dance you’re healing and literally create (emotional and energetic) space to create new things in your life!


4. Focused intent and elevated emotion

So what does quantum physics teaches us? And what has been an eye opener within your own (spiritual) process?

Christine: You’ve probably heard people say that everything is energy. And it is. But for some this might be hard to grasp because we can’t see or feel this energy which is all around us. Quantum Physics is proving now that you can create your reality by focused intent, focused thoughts combined with an elevated emotion, e.g. emotions of joy, enthusiasm, passion, appreciation etc. And in this realm of energy, every version of you already exists, but you have the power to focus on which version you want to manifest.

Every thought and every emotion you have IS energy and that’s exactly what you’re attracting. So in order to manifest what you want in life, in the first place you would need to become aware of your beliefs and your behavior and actions.

The tool I use to install new neurological connections is a specific manifesting meditation. We go to a level where the brain is super suggestible and you can wire in new beliefs about your future. So, the question is what’s the story you’re telling yourself on a daily basis? And are you so in love with that vision that it gives you goosebumps? If not, take some time out of your precious life to think about what it is that would want!

My eye opener was the moment I realized it was ME and what I was thinking on a constant base. I had a lot of negative thoughts about myself and others, I felt resentment and anger, I had absolutely no self-worth. When I started to practice my manifesting meditation everything changed at astronomic speed.


Use mirror-notes to rewire your brain

So this magic of life is all about creating new neurological connections and shedding the destructive ones. About growing by taking full responsibility for your own happiness. Of this I’m highly convinced, because I experienced it myself. In my own transformation process I used to actively rewire my thought patterns by using so called ‘spiegelbriefjes’ (mirror-notes). They were all over my house. Sounds a bit freaky maybe, but hey it worked like a charm! In my next blog I will tell you all about this, but for now: read more on how to change your thought patterns into high vibrational and beneficial energy streams in these previous blogs: ‘Let’s talk about love’ and ‘High Vibe Denken: zo doe je dat’.

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