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Learning to trust yourself takes courage, does it?

Learning to trust yourself takes courage, does it?

Trust doesn’t always come included with the package of birth. Actually, on second thought, it does come included, only while growing up we often lose trusting our trust. Trying to fit our way into the system-made-society we live in. Allowing our parents, teachers, friends to project their perspectives and patterns on us. Which leaves us confused.

We might see, feel, sense things differently than people say in words or act in deeds, and we think “I must be wrong”, so we start to adjust. We’re slowly losing the connection with our individual self, with our unique experience of the world, creating our life through the framework of the system and all that we are taught.


Equal in substance. Unique in soul.

And then it comes, we feel like a failure. We start to experience that this ‘one-size-fits-all ratio-build society’ appears to not fit us at all. In fact, it doesn’t fit any of us. Because, although we sprouted from the same Universal forces, we are not given the same talents, the same gifts, the same earthly mission. In physical and energetic substances we might be equal, but in soul we definitely are unique.

So living in a society where the mass is the standard, breaks with our creativity. It wears us out, burns our heart, destructs us as spiritual beings. And with that, we as human beings destruct the world we live in.

Our communal purpose is to discover for ourselves what we are here for. Learning to trust upon our unique gifts, talents and capabilities. They are all given to us for a reason, and it’s our life’s journey to explore how we can use these gifts for the greatest good of all.


There are no competitors in life

Learning to trust yourself is your foundation.
Your solid base from which you can fly.
From which you can fully embrace and share your talents.
Using your individual expression for the highest good of all.

No one is doing ‘the same thing’ better or worse than you do.
No one to compare yourself to.
No competitors in life.

Because no one can do the thing you do, the way you do it.
Likewise, you cannot do the thing he/she does, the way he/she does it.

You’re here to explore your uniqueness
To play, and to feel how things click for you.

No books can tell you that.
No course can teach you that.

You take the bits and pieces out of every course, out of every situation, out of every relationship, that resonates with the path of your soul.

Ratio cannot tell you when to take the plunge, when to stop or move on.
You feel it.


Start to see when you learnt what you had to learn

I was inspired to write this blog by a client of mine. She wrote me a review that said:

“Thank you so much for the session. I connect to and appreciate so much your sensitivity and softness and beauty. Your hands are magic! And I was inspired by your courage in learning to trust yourself”

That last sentence got stuck to me. I’m gifted with energetic sensitive hands, magic hands as some may say. It’s not something I learned, bought or came up with whilst planning my career path, it’s something I received to fulfill my soul’s purpose in this life.

I literally had to fall on my head to (re)discover my gift, and my period of recovery helped me to (re)discover my trust. To dive into the unknown, driven by the knowledge that what is meant for me will unfold as long as I stick to sensing and following my heart.


Allow your life to get exciting, start plunging!!

Taking the plunge might feel insecure at first, like you have no solid ground underneath your feet, but once you start plunging more often you start to experience that you are always caught. That your intuition, your gut feeling, the higher forces are here to guide you. Your consciousness expands, your energy field expands. And trust me, there is absolutely nothing more solid than this deep expanded feeling of trust and guidance from within.

I am a believer, but…

  • I don’t believe in a carefully mapped path (anymore ;-)).
  • I don’t believe in the need of certificates as proof of your skills.
  • I don’t believe in the need to complete something once you committed yourself to it.

However, I do believe in the power of commitment itself. A commitment to life, to yourself and your heart. A commitment to enjoy the life that you are given. To take responsibility for that, going beyond the suffering. To be fully available for life to happen through you.

So I wouldn’t call it courage that led me to trust myself, it’s my commitment to exploring my needs and my gifts in order to live my happiest life. In love and light, as it was meant to be lived, even in the dark. Life gets so exciting when you start plunging! The unthinkable happens, over and over and over again, I don’t even know where to start when it comes to these magical events evolving from me plunging into the unknown, the natural flow of life.


Not one course is precisely tailored to that your soul is here to learn for

Consider this: if we are all here to express our talents, our gifts, in our own unique way. Not one person being the same in their expression. Not one course can be precisely tailored to you, right?

So I completed two bachelor and one master degree (because that’s what i did; study for the purpose of study), but there is one bachelor degree I didn’t complete and this happens to be the one I loved the most: Shiatsu. I don’t feel like a failure or less skilled because of that, because I know that I was never meant to complete the whole 4 years. One day I woke up and just deeply felt that after 2 years of truly enjoying and absorbing the beautiful practice of Shiatsu and Eastern medicine through a school, I had learnt enough to spread what I’m here to spread.

It was already decided. Not meant. No doubt.

Just because you don’t complete something you once started, doesn’t mean you stop learning, that you are a quitter. In my eyes, it means that you are healing, learning and growing, moving forward on your unique life’s path to explore your unique gifts and the form they want to be revealed. And for that, you need to determine your own finish line.


Commit to living your fullest life and determine your own finish line

What if you trust that each of us has that unique gift to share.
That the universe is handing you everything that is needed for you to reveal it.
In its absolute fullest, layer-free form.

The universe is here to serve you.
To help you stand in your light.
To guide you to it.

So if your intuition tells you to quit a job, to quit a course, to let go of someone.
Do it. It blocks your flow.
You learnt what you were meant to learn, there is a new experience waiting.

It’s the experience that counts.
What you feel right now counts.
No matter how it has ever made you feel in the past.

Everything is subject to continuous change.
Don’t fight that.
It’s the process that builds the trust.

And with trust comes grounding.
With grounding comes space.
With space come endless possibilities.

Effortless flow.
Your light put into practice.


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